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who needs sleep?

a friend from my current church moved to missouri a few months ago, and has returned to town for a visit. so, the last two nights have been spent with peers, friends, family; darts, pool, cards. i suspect tomorrow night will be more of the same. sleep is overrated, no?

it is now almost 2am eastern standard time. i am not tired. this is probably bad news, and will come back to haunt me in a few short hours. but sometimes the lack of sleep just doesn't matter... can i get an amen? had i spent these last several hours zoning in front of the television, or browsing on ebay, or reading the best of craigslist, that would be terribly irresponsible and basically a huge waste of time. but staying up until two in the morning to build and reconnect friendships? losing two or three hours of sleep is just a drop in the bucket... time well spent.

that being said... it's definitely bedtime for mdog. good night.
Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 01:53AM by Registered Commentermdog | CommentsPost a Comment

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