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moving day

helped a couple of folks move today. someone i met about eleven hours ago [friend of a friend], and also a co-worker.

the motley crew that assembles on moving day is usually pretty intriguing. family, close friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, all swooping upon one household to help another in need. warm greetings intertwined with introductions and a few "we've met before, haven't we?"s for good measure... strange how a simple u-haul seems to bring some of the scattered threads in one's life together.

for some reason i'm rather adept at keeping those threads scattered. or, compartmentalized, if you will. friends from home. friends from college. friends from work. friends from church. and subcategories within those. i often wonder why that is. i think i mainly don't want to be responsible for a tedious, awkward encounter. it's bad enough to be involved in one; but to go about creating one? egad.

it's silly, i know. it's that perfectionist in me... the everything-must-be-just-so-or-why-bother? mentality. does anyone else do this, or am i just a freak? hmmm.

at any rate, the moving is done, and it's time for bed...
i'm exhausted.

Posted on Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 01:26AM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments2 Comments

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swooping upon... nice phrase. rachel likes that.

"you people crack me up" Joy says, in relation to Maria and Rachel, and their random ability to make new friends instantaneously and report online accordingly.

joy looks really tired, but I'm trying to make her stay up late with me. rachel says.

"I guess I'm pretty random though" joy says, because she is meeting a random roller hockey guy in california.

rachel is currently unemployed in a month. joy is unemployed right now and has been for quite some time.

rachel participated in a kre8iv worship workshop this morning, which was actually a mime workshop without the scary title.

rachel and joy think men are ridiculous.


Aug 15, 2004 at 02:58AM | Unregistered Commenterrachel and joy
now THAT was funny, maria says.

i'll have to call you sometime, she also says.
Aug 15, 2004 at 01:35PM | Registered Commentermdog

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