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circuit overload

ever felt your brain shutting down, lobe by sluggish lobe?
yeah. that's how i felt today.

my supercool supervisor will, sadly, no longer be my supervisor after tomorrow. Crying. so, i've been having training sessions with her for several weeks. this week has been crunch time, and with that came the dawning realization that i actually have to do this stuff, myself [!], starting next week. all this information has left my synapses fried and my cerebral storage filled to capacity. plus, it's been a few years since college... so lately, about thirty minutes into each session, my eyes glaze over and learning retention becomes a conscious struggle. none of that being her fault by any means... the sheer volume of it all is just a smidge crippling. not to mention all of the duties i will be taking on because of other folks that are leaving as well. the workplace has been crazy insane for a number of weeks now...

i need a nap.
or a drink.

Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 07:30PM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments3 Comments

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I recommend not drinking. Alcohol should be used to celebrate, not to cope.

Aug 29, 2004 at 12:03PM | Unregistered Commenterrachel
i'll take a nap over a drink any day of the week [i love my sleep].

it was sort of tongue-in-cheek considering how often i drink [which is, rarely]. though not everyone reading this would necessarily know that. but yes, i agree that alcohol is certainly not a healthy coping mechanism.

a nice wine is good for 25th birthdays though.
Aug 29, 2004 at 01:53PM | Registered Commentermdog
from a biological perspective, i am relieved to tell you that your cerebral storage is not even close to being full, but i'll allow the dramatization just this once :wink: :ololo:

as a frined, i'm sorry you're losing a great coworker and will pray that you are able to synthesize all this new information into practical ways

hang in there girl
Aug 29, 2004 at 04:02PM | Unregistered Commenterlana

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