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okay. so. i had to do a complete recap of the week's events during yesterday's walk with tiff before i could continue updating... i'm getting old. [more on that later.] now, where was i? oh, yes... i think part of sunday evening was spent with tiff and i reading at each other from separate boston travel guides, as we tried to figure out what we would visit on which day and when. dinner was eaten at a so-so bar and grill across from naomi's, out of sheer lack of motivation to actually prepare any food.

monday was Information Kiosk Maps Are Your Friend day. we discovered mike's pastry, gawked at the sheer amount of baked goods, and departed quite sugarized and with full tummies. as we both seem to have a bit of fascination with cemeteries, we visited the king's chapel burying ground as well as the granary burial ground. standing among grave markers nearly four hundred years old was almost incomprehensible to me; history becomes tangible. boston common was a short walk from there; then it was off to mit, where theis graciously gave us an informal, and informative, tour of his university. after grabbing a bite to eat and a couple of mit shirts, i proceeded to completely mangle rachel's clear directives; tiff and i ended up at harvard square instead of central square [where, of course, rachel was]. sigh. rachel headed home as we took a self-guided tour of harvard, assisted by a twenty-five cent map bought from a grumpy old man in the harvard square information center. at some point i was struck by the familiarity of harvard's georgian architecture... i felt i was at miami again, walking through academic quad, on my way to shriver to get a toasted roll. [mmmmm... toasted roll.] after taking some snapshots of the grandiose memorial hall, we finally got weekly passes from what i can only assume was a human behind the nearly opaque T booth. creepy. after visiting the stop 'n shop off the green line, we headed uphill to rachel's for a mexican-ish dinner. having moved in only four days before, and still awaiting a roommate and her belongings, we sat in the dining room sans furniture. we marveled at the hilltop view, as well as the staggering amount of shelving from the previous occupant. we ate, we talked, we watched a movie [i will never forget the penis song, and "ca-CAW!"].  discussing our options, we decided to explore taking a new route home. we bid adieu to our gracious host rachel, and discovered for her that the orange line -- and a much easier route to naomi's -- was not so very far from her home. somehow, i was the one that got us there, as tiff's sense of direction had suddenly and inexplicably vanished. this victory was short lived as we heard the announcement that we would have to get off two stops early due to construction and take a bus to our final destination. we tried to resist mooing as an entire train attempted to squeeze onto three buses. i believe our bus took a detour through rhode island and connecticut before finally arriving at naomi's stop. as if our day hadn't been long enough already, we decided to watch old school, long after naomi had settled in for the night. and finally, around 1:30, we succumbed to sleep... oh, blessed sleep.

on tuesday, tiff and i continued our Sleeping In Just A Little Bit Later Than The Previous Day trend. as it turned out, the day we had the nicest weather just happened to be the day we had planned on visiting the beach... perfect. we hopped the blue line to wonderland and headed for the horizon. we decided it would be worth the risk of finding sand particles in our shoes until june to actually walk along the beach instead of just gazing at it from a distance. the firm but yielding wet sand was a joy to our tired feet, unaccustomed to the amount of walking we had done and would continue to do during our time in boston. it was an exquisite and serene beginning to our day. after some camera timer confusion, we headed back into the city. next on the agenda was chinatown, perfectly convenient for my growing hunger and headache. after some unsuccessful attempts at choosing an establishment, a phone call to rachel directed us to pho pasteur's vietnamese restaurant. an excellent recommendation indeed... the ginger chicken practically melted in my mouth. mmmmm. tiff's rice noodle dish was tasty as well, although every three minutes a new ingredient discovery was made ["what is this? was this in the menu description? i can't remember..."]. this time we STAYED PUT, and rachel met us as we were just finishing. the next two or three hours was a blur of shopping including, but not limited to, a visit to filene's basement. [think: reduced price designer clothes "organized" a la old navy clearance areas TIMES ONE MILLION.] the frugality and hopefulness in me was drawn in like a moth to light; but the neatness and thoroughness in me was reduced to weeping in the corner, a mere shell of its former self. so much stuff, so little time [and patience]. we emerged from the basement as if from a bomb shelter: shaken but unharmed. we took pictures for no particular reason with the statue of a man whose name escapes me, met up with naomi at the T [note the kickass shoes] and dined at YE OLDE union oyster house. i experienced my first oysters at the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the u.s., over talk of message boards and blogs and eharmony. rachel headed home while naomi, tiff and i shifted four doors down to the purple shamrock for a drink. the three of us chatted for awhile, and later had a lovely little conversation with tom from the coast guard [don't ask him about expectations, please]. we eventually extracted ourselves from this discussion, and it was on our way home that my right knee decided it was rebelling against the unannounced amount of walking i was asking of it. stopping at a few random stores on the way, i limped my old gimpy self to the T behind naomi and tiff. home once again, i rested my knee and body after another full day on the town.


the end is near. but don't worry, it's a good time.
Posted on Friday, April 1, 2005 at 09:20PM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments4 Comments

Reader Comments (4)

I'm loving 'statue'

Apr 1, 2005 at 11:03PM | Unregistered Commenterrachel
great pics, btw!!
"penis song"?? i ask trepidatiously!! ;D
Apr 1, 2005 at 11:05PM | Unregistered Commenterlana
that probably wasn't the title, but yes, it was pretty much a penis song. and choreographed, even.
Apr 2, 2005 at 11:11PM | Registered Commentermdog
you saw paul revere's resting place??? so cool!

"Listen my children
And you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere
On the 18th of April in '75
Hardly a man is now alive..."
Apr 3, 2005 at 12:08AM | Unregistered Commenterjoy

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