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yes, it's true.

quarter century + one.

Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 09:30AM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments9 Comments

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technically, beginning second quarter?
May 21, 2005 at 10:45AM | Unregistered Commenterrachel
happy birthday!
May 21, 2005 at 11:57AM | Unregistered Commentermar
sorry I missed your Tuesday's party. Child care was an issue and my kid was not ready for a road trip. Maybe we can make it up to you.

I like you and hope you have a great next quarter century.
May 21, 2005 at 11:39PM | Unregistered Commenterpaul
we have the same birthday! mad dog (and smurf lover's roommate!) so happy birthday!
May 22, 2005 at 06:18PM | Unregistered Commentermae
hey and welcome! happy birthday! tell your roomie welcome back and what cool stuff did she bring me from honduras? :)
May 22, 2005 at 07:31PM | Registered Commentermdog
hey, mdog - so sorry i wasn't on the ball on this one. i tried to remember. :( i hope your day was happy. ah, to be a quarter century + one again . . . happy birthday!!!
May 22, 2005 at 08:31PM | Unregistered Commenteramo
Belated birthday greetings! Let's think of it as expanding the celebration instead of being late.
May 23, 2005 at 04:59PM | Unregistered CommenterDanielle
nice. i like that. :)
May 23, 2005 at 05:31PM | Registered Commentermdog
Don't say it like that, Maria.

Man, you just made me feel old. (I'm also a quarter century old + 1.*Cringe*)

I fool myself into thinking I'm much much younger by having very few responsibilities. Children at 26? You've got to be kidding! I'm a child myself! A husband at 26? Whatever! I'm only a kid! A boyfriend at 26? Please! I'm practically a minor.

It works. I buy my bologna (or is it baloney?) all the time.
May 24, 2005 at 05:56PM | Unregistered CommenterAngie

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