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and also...

sixty degrees MY ASS.

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 09:54PM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments7 Comments

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I didn't wear a coat to work today. Winter, where are you?
Jan 13, 2006 at 09:49AM | Unregistered Commenterrachel
thursday was definitively NOT sixty here although it was forecasted to be so. had my wool coat and was FREEZING.

today remains yet to be seen.
Jan 13, 2006 at 10:06AM | Registered Commentermdog
it was practically balmy in chicago yesterday, but today, cold and rainy. boo.
Jan 13, 2006 at 12:01PM | Unregistered Commenteramo
we are two days away from breaking the record for the most days of rain in a row.. we are at 28 so far :O

viva la pineapple express.. :rool:

Jan 14, 2006 at 12:19AM | Unregistered Commenterlana
1) 28!!

2) pineapple wha?

today's forecast of sixty was much more accurate than yesterday's, imo. snow tomorrow, what?
Jan 14, 2006 at 12:30AM | Registered Commentermdog

2) we get the tropical wet weather systems that originate in hawaii, hence the name given for this shit..

what is sixty in celsius? cold? mild? warm??
Jan 14, 2006 at 02:28PM | Unregistered Commenterlana
60 F is apparently about 16C. mild. lovely.

right now it's 22F [-5C]!
Jan 15, 2006 at 08:24AM | Registered Commentermdog

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