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early or late?

depending on how you look at it, i returned home from work today to find either a late 2005 or early 2006 christmas present shoved in my door. i finally used the remainder of last year's gift card from my parents and bought a shiny new pair of these shoes, and i know for certain that kt is reading this and thinking MY GOD WOMAN IT'S ABOUT TIME AND PLEASE I HOPE YOU DON'T GET ANOTHER GIFT CARD THIS YEAR FORCING ME TO SHOP WITH YOU FOR THE NEXT TEN MONTHS. also let it be noted that i am fully aware that these look pretty much like my old pair of brown shoes [which have currently worn through part of the sole, hence the new pair]. what can i say? i know what i like.
current attire: previously mentioned shoes, brown thrift store cords, newly acquired thrift store tee. so basically, i'm your stereotypical twentysomething hipster for the night.
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