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thanks and updates

today i am driving a ginormous ford f250 [thanks, jeff!]. perched on the bench seat, i can see clear to indiana, and i have no idea where the vehicle begins or ends. i feel a little bit ridiculous, although there is a definite "i'm on top of the world" sense going on, which i admit i am enjoying. i wore jeans today because the thought of dressing up and leaping into the cab seemed preposterous. it's convenient that i don't really wear skirts, because it's about a forty-foot drop to the ground, and really, folks: there is no lady-like way to deal with that. paul graciously drove me from the shop back to my apartment at 7:30 this morning [thanks, paul!]. i jumped in the truck, and he called as he was driving away.
"yeah," he says. "that is so you."

update: power window switch is zonked. part will be in tomorrow. anyone need furniture, or grills, or soybeans carted around until then?

also: go visit kt. she's a little older than my blog. good times and interesting conversation were had last night.
Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 09:10AM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments16 Comments

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Somebody take a picture of mdog with the F250.
Jul 26, 2006 at 09:19AM | Unregistered Commenterjared
yeah, paul was pretty upset that he didn't have a camera handy this morning.
Jul 26, 2006 at 09:22AM | Registered Commentermdog
I'll have to tell Dad the old truck is getting some use. If you go through the drive-through you'll notice that people have to reach up to hand you the food. But you have to do a three point turn to get around the corners.
Jul 26, 2006 at 05:56PM | Unregistered Commenterkt
Could you drop by my house? I have a broken air conditioner that weights about 600 pounds... you would just have to transport it from the back of the house to the tree lawn.

Jul 26, 2006 at 06:51PM | Unregistered Commenterhappyhearn
three point turn? just ask paul, i've been revving it around the corners. errrrr i mean... i've been taking very good care of it, jeff.

hearn - sure thing, i just need to find my ohio map! ;)
Jul 27, 2006 at 12:14AM | Registered Commentermdog
Are you really forty feet tall?
Jul 27, 2006 at 05:52AM | Unregistered Commenterdave
yep. give or take thirty-four feet.
Jul 27, 2006 at 06:58AM | Registered Commentermdog
last night I climbed into the truck. I do mean climbed. Jeff convienently has a climbing rope in the front seat and Mdog was on Belay. I know you all think I'm joking about the rope...

And yes, I WILL get a picture of Mdog in that truck... someway....
Jul 27, 2006 at 11:14AM | Unregistered Commenterpaul
paul climbing into the truck required much more than a mere picture. several minutes of video would have been necessary.

and no, he's not joking about the rope...
Jul 27, 2006 at 12:42PM | Registered Commentermdog
what's the gas mileage on that puppy?
Jul 27, 2006 at 08:05PM | Unregistered Commenterrachel mcH
legend has it that it's around 10 mpg. it's a thirsty mother.
Jul 28, 2006 at 08:07AM | Registered Commentermdog
It's even wilder if your in 4WD and take a tight turn... YIKES! ...not supposed to do that!

If you're easy on it, you might be able to eak out 12mpg... ;) If it were a hybrid, I'm sure you'd get at least 15mpg, which is better than most Lamborghinis.

When I commuted with this truck, the tires on both sides were just about touching the white lines, made it difficult to get in and out of the tiny parking spots at Grover!
Jul 28, 2006 at 09:04AM | Unregistered CommenterJeff
ah yes, i've been choosing my spots wisely at grosvenor. as in, the ones that don't have any parking spots behind me when i back out!
Jul 28, 2006 at 10:58AM | Registered Commentermdog
off the topic: lesson of the day:

Don't try to use a Barnes and Noble card at a Borders... induces much *****iness from the cashier.
Jul 28, 2006 at 02:25PM | Unregistered CommenterJeff
Jul 28, 2006 at 03:16PM | Registered Commentermdog
HAAAH. That is hysterical.
Jul 28, 2006 at 07:09PM | Unregistered Commenterkt

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