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- Do we base our extension of tenderness (particularly physical) on our perceptions of other people? Meaning, are we naturally more gentle with petite, thin women than big-boned, sturdy ones? Or does that change if the big-boned girl is emotionally fragile? If the thin girl is spunky and street-wise will I be less likely to treat her with gentleness because, hey, she can take care of herself?

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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007 at 08:43AM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments1 Comment

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hmmm...interesting question. Being of the more big-boned and spunky variety, I have thought about this. See, I can recall being in school and occasionally frustrated at a small number of teachers who seemed to look at my little cute friends with such adoration and would invite them to stay after for help with their geometry homework, etc. I remember telling my mom, and in characteristic fashion, she told me frankly that some people just treat cute, small people differently. Now, there were definitely some teachers who favored me, but it was more like they encouraged me to be capable and strong. No one has ever treated me overly-gently, unless of course they've been intimidated or afraid of my reaction. People seem to see me as kind of tough and spunky and able to handle myself. I really like this. and I'm grateful that nobody ever felt sorry for me, or like they had to take care of things for me. Of course, there were some times i needed taken care of and certain people, who really know me, well, they know that I have a very soft and squishy side. But in general, i like being someone people trust to be able to handle things. And that trust has resulted in confidence. I think that might be a key point here...people who are treated like they can do things end up being able to do things.

Feb 1, 2007 at 08:07PM | Unregistered Commenterjessi

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