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today was impromptu shopping spree day [i spent HOW much??]. at one point in the day three or four women, obviously good friends, happened to be trying on their hopeful purchases at the same time i was. many pants were being tried on, from the sounds of things. during one moment of truth, i could only imagine the expressions and the scene:

woman #1: well... what do you think?
woman #2: oh, wow. i like those.
woman #3: those look GREAT!
woman #1: ooo. you think they look okay, then?
woman #2: oh, yeah.
woman #3: i mean... they're perfect. just look at your butt in those!

there was a definite murmur of agreement about her butt. hell, i almost peeked out myself, just to see how good it looked. at any rate, there was a woman #4 of the group in the stall beside my own. i'm not sure if she witnessed the fantastic butt pants or not, but i'm pretty sure she didn't know there was an outsider in the dressing room.

the way she perfectly captured the inflection and the lilt of woman #3 -- "just look at your butt!" -- repeated at least two, possibly three times, in an absent-minded, slightly exaggerated, parrot-like aside... i had to stop and sit down because i was laughing so hard.

"julie", wherever you are: you totally made my day.
Posted on Saturday, July 2, 2005 at 07:34PM by Registered Commentermdog | Comments1 Comment

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that's awesome. i suddenly feel bold to comment on my friend's butt all the sudden.

.... or not..
Jul 10, 2005 at 12:56AM | Unregistered CommenterMels

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