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I could have watched TV. I could have listened to music on my iPod. I could have read a book. But none of these were handy, so I sat and stared upwards for an hour or so. The sky was blue, and I thought about how stunning it must have appeared to people in the ancient world, where bright colors were in short supply.


That hour was not like other hours. During that hour, my time was without form and void, and blueness was over the face of the earth. I don't know if the Spirit of God moved across the expanse of my emptiness, but I can tell you that it felt good.


In that hour, I experienced something prayerful. I wasn't trying to talk to God at all. I wasn't even trying to listen to God. I was simply existing—open, quiet and still. If Elijah is to be believed, God is often found in quiet, still moments of emptiness.

[by real live preacher at the christian century; found via fighting for a lost cause]

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