comic timing

i have watched this at least a dozen times already.

three and a half seconds about life

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wrong number

a text interaction i had with a wrong number this morning.



Hi this is terrence nd im jus lettin u kno that i have a few things to take care of nd i really didnt have a clean uniform or a 70's outfit so i wont be at skool 2day but i am safe


Hi terrence, i am amused by your text, but i am clearly a wrong number and i do not know who you are. Glad you are safe, good luck with the outfit.


Lol thanx i appreciate your sense of humor but i am sorry i thought u were my teacher so u have a nice day


so many questions left unanswered. primary school? secondary school? university? how did you manage to type my phone number, with a completely different area code, thinking it was your teacher?

at any rate, this made my morning.

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does not feel very well understood or known lately.

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4am is just way too early to be conscious.

also, there is a surprising number of vehicles on the road at 5am.

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i just filled out a bubble sheet quiz to confirm that a friend is fit for government work and is legally, financially, and emotionally stable.

it took at least two minutes and i feel much safer in regards to every federal employee i will now meet.

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enjoying both of the summer food groups: burger AND hot dog.

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from a friend of a friend. i do not know this person, but i want to have a drink with her.

"i can't decide which is my favorite food: bacon? or butter?"

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fashion tip

guys: please do not leave more than two dress shirt buttons open and/or wear gold chains or medallion necklaces.


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oh, gchat, how i love thee.


w: boo to no sick days
  i agree
  i still have vaca time left
  i have to use
me: i do as well
w: i am writing like rob
me: this time off thing is very nice
  that is
w: hey!
  you can
  rob bell....too!
me: it is
w: lol
me: i like how rob bell is now a verb
  you can rob bell too! <3
w: oh man! I totally rob belled that!

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for days past and days not yet arrived.

athens is both awesome and aggravating.

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