not just me

i was starting to suspect that i was the only one. whew.

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thinking. or not.

blogging always made me think better. or maybe, perhaps, it made me think at all.

given the rate of my blogging nowadays, i'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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tip of the week:

when purchasing peaches from the farmers market, ensure that none go rogue and roll to the back passenger floorboard, only to be found thirty hours later, putrefying in the ninety degree heat. hypothetically.

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from a comment i made elsewhere.

"love, in all forms, is bigger and more complex than quotes and platitudes."

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mighty mdog

a little while back, i was driving and in need of sustenance. not wanting to stop and eat, i pulled into the drive-thru at mcdonald's [don't judge me]. i was in search of a mcnugget meal; easy consumption with minimal distraction.

the only tiny breaded chicken chunk option on the larger-than-life-food-photo board was for a ten piece meal. now, yes, i realize i chose to eat at mcdonald's. perhaps not the most health conscious, but really, i don't need TEN tiny breaded chicken chunks. didn't they used to come in a standard smaller quantity?

"do you still have a six piece meal?" i inquired.

indeed, they did.

sort of.

as i was retrieving my order, it became apparent that i had just ordered a mighty kids meal. i was slightly miffed, as i desired a normal sized coke to supply me with caffeine for the drive, but mostly i was amused as i tossed aside whatever shrek toy was included in my mighty meal.

as i pulled back onto the highway, i became more unsettled [and no, not because of the content of the mcnuggets]. i mean, i am certain that the regular value meal used to be six pieces. [didn't it?]. at what point was it decided that six was now clearly not enough? at what point was it decided that six was suddenly an appropriate amount for a kids meal? NEED MOAR NUGGETZ.

perhaps my memory is faulty. and the fries were a small, not a medium. but regardless... my "kid"  sized meal was a perfectly appropriate amount of food for my mdog sized hunger.

i don't have a little bow in which to wrap this up. just putting some thoughts out there.

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dependability and consistency are vastly underappreciated.

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at some point in the past few weeks, i was going to post about little things going wrong and compounding into a giant ball of i completely and irrationally but only occasionally hate my entire life omg wtf. as it turns out, this post does a fairly accurate job.

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oldies mix

actually i think i dubbed half of these from my dad's collection.

side 1:

norman greenbaum - spirit in the sky
van morrison - brown eyed girl
thurston harris - little bitty pretty one
the mccoys - hang on sloopy
the drifters - on broadway
ben e. king - stand by me
bill withers - lean on me
marvin gaye - what's goin' on
fats domino - kansas city
gary bonds - quarter to three
the kingsmen - louie louie
the five satins - in the still of the night
the righteous brothers - you've lost that lovin' feeling

side 2:

gene chandler - duke of earl
bruce channel - hey baby
fats domino - blueberry hill
the champs - tequila
the five stairsteps - o-o-h child
the coasters - yakety yak
the beatles - yellow submarine
the beatles - hey jude
the beatles - revolution
the beatles - let it be
the beatles - yesterday
the beatles - sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band
the beatles - with a little help from my friends
the beatles - eleanor rigby
the beatles - ob-la-di

too lazy to link.

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radio mix #4

hello random!

side 1:

lynyrd skynyrd - sweet home alabama
the steve miller band - the joker
dobie gray - drift away
doobie brothers - black water
don mclean - american pie
the four seasons - december 1963 (oh, what a night (remix))

side 2:

third eye blind - semi-charmed life
steven curtis chapman - free
the o.c. supertones - resolution
sunday drive - god is believable
squirrel nut zippers - hell [for those unaware, mtv stands for "music television"]
audio adrenaline - man of god
green day - good riddance (time of your life)
4 non blondes - what's up

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radio mix #3

ok. slightly less embarrassing.

side 1:

bush - glycerine
bush - comedown
tripping daisy - i got a girl
tripping daisy - piranha
tripping daisy - motivation
meat puppets - backwater

side 2:

cake - the distance
the nixons - sister
adam sandler - ode to my car [nsfw. i think the edited version is actually funnier, but i couldn't find it]
green day - j.a.r.
smashing pumpkins - today
natalie merchant - carnival
barenaked ladies - if i had $1000000

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