radio mix #2

side 1:

newsboys - take me to your leader
dc talk - in the light
dime store prophets - hitler's girlfriend [i don't know those people listed, but they're definitely not dime store prophets...]
audio adrenaline - free ride [en español!]
sarah jahn - crucible
chris rice - deep enough to dream

side 2:

grover levy - if you want to lead me to jesus
charlie peacock - that's the point
dc talk - jesus freak
michael w. smith - friends [?!]
third day - thief

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radio mix #1

fun fact: this tape was recorded over an ice cube album.

circa 1997-2000ish.

side 1:
big tent revival - here with me
duncan sheik - barely breathing
wes king - i believe
pedro the lion - lullaby
natalie imbruglia - torn
avalon - testify to love
the normals - everything (apron full of stains) [only version i could find, starts around 2:30]
barenaked ladies - one week
blind melon - no rain

side 2:
billy joel - the longest time
eric clapton - wonderful tonight
aerosmith - sweet emotion
big tent revival - if loving god was a crime
soft cell - tainted love
dc talk - i wish we'd all been ready
kc & jojo - all my life
the byrds - mr. tambourine man
big tent revival - the best thing in life

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things i have watched and/or listened to while "cleaning" my media shelf:

- old "friends" episodes ["i want girls on bread!"]
- various austin city limits episodes [erm, might just have to keep nickel creek...]
- various cirque du soleil shows [evidently i had the bravo channel at some point?]
- many many rap songs [this is how we do it; in the trunk; hip hop hooray; down for whatever (also known as 'that one rap song during that one scene in office space')]
- albums that, unless you were at miami university sometime between 1997-2001, i am not sure anyone even knows exists [stephan sharp anyone?]
- omg LANABELLE [NOT going to "bin" this!]
- omg CONSUMED?? [crusade band from "home"? i'm not even sure...]

okay, this is fun. next up: MIXTAPES.

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does not know what she must be doing wrong in life.

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"Every now and then, you are on the route from Point-A to Point-B, and you need to find a drug store. You make a left, and all of a sudden find yourself on the route from Point-A to Point-C. You've just folded space in the fourth dimension."

[via driving in the 'burgh]

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not feeling the love

why do people feel the need to decide what is best for me?

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now, love is not a feeling in your chest
it is bending down to wash another's feet
it is faithful when the sun is in the west
and in the east...

for the love of god - music and lyrics by andrew peterson

almost ten years have passed since i last saw andrew peterson. sunday night's concert shows that his songwriting has only become better with age.

i began filling in the missing slots of my ap catalog when paul suggested the concert mini roadtrip, and i somehow failed to notice this song on the first spin through the far country. but the second or third time through, the beginning of the third verse finally caught my attention and my breath.

love is so often regarded as a feeling; a flutter. is that a part of love? surely it is. but it becomes more. the flutter grows into a force, and at some point you find the dirty work of servanthood offered willingly, freely. harder still is receiving such service. with grace and effort and time, the force can turn into a fire burning bright and hot and dangerously deep. it can bring radiant warmth and searing pain; it can wound but also heal.

love is not reserved for wedding vows. love is lived and learned throughout our lives regardless of marital status. love is different than we think. there are no experts on love. we love and we fail and then we love again, continuously, faithfully, as best we know how. we love and we are hurt and we wonder if it is even worth it to carry on, if it is even possible. and then we love again, continuously, faithfully, as best we know how.

as andrew began another rambling-yet-lovable song introduction, he revealed that the friend for whom he had originally written this song was at the concert. i assumed that i was attributing my own emotions to andrew as he started the third verse, merely imagining a teary eye and hushed lyrics to what was clearly stage lighting and musical dynamics. but as his voice cracked through the lines, you could hear that these words rang true and deep for andrew as well. music as worship and art and God and beauty and majesty. love is faithful.

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amber lamps

if you know nothing about the now-meme of two men fighting on an oakland transit bus, go here.

although some of you may already understand it when i say: ambulance = amber lamps = random girl = THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE INTERNET.

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two quotes from yesterday:

"hold on, let me put it in your pants."

"we need some more woody back here."

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watched bela fleck: the africa project last night. and sat next to a guy that smelled like.. athens. if you live here, you know what i'm talking about.

as if that wasn't bad enough, he TOOK HIS SHOES OFF. i am lucky to be alive.

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